Hardware Maintenance

Hardware Maintenance

Anyone who’s ever owned a car knows that preventative maintenance is part of responsible ownership. But if you’re like most people, you often put off regular inspections and oil changes. This is an easy but dangerous habit to fall into.

Likewise, taking proactive steps to maintain your network may seem like a bother. But in the end, you will avoid unplanned downtime and preserve long-term server performance.

To keep your network in tip-top shape, we provide the following services:

  • A complete audit of your network software and hardware
  • A network security assessment to seek out and repair holes or weaknesses
  • Installation of monitoring tools (as necessary)
  • Establish regular software updates to increase security and add features
  • Setting up virus protection with automatic update services so you will never miss a bug fix
  • Conduct hardware connection tests to ensure that faulty connections are not degrading network performance
  • Install network redundancy and fail-over technologies to guard your data and keep your network from crashing if a switch, link, or power supply fails

Monthly maintenance routines that include:

  • Inspecting error and backup logs
  • Verifying backup procedures
  • Testing network speed
  • Checking hard-disk capacity and usage
  • Examining your internet and e-mail server connections

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