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Business IT Support

Business IT Support

In the last decade, computers have become an integral part of everyday life. Of course, almost every computer user encounters a problem occasionally, whether it is the annoyance of a forgotten password or the disaster of a crashing server. The explosive use of computers has created demand for specialists who provide advice to users, as well as for the day-to-day administration, maintenance, and support of computer systems and networks.

Robec offers complete computer support for individuals and businesses alike, in a market faced with increasingly complex technologies. Our personalized computer support services leverage the expertise and experience that Robec has developed over the last 9 years in providing excellent technical support to...

Email Solutions

E-mail Solutions

If checking your E-mail means deleting dozens of offers for baldness cures, weight-loss products, and vacation time-shares, you already know how annoying bulk E-mail advertising can be. What you may not know is that this type of E-mail, also known as spam, can actually end up costing your business money in lost bandwidth and employee productivity. Since more than half of all E-mail traffic is spam that cost can mount quickly.

Stop Spam in its Tracks

So, is your business doomed to sink under a flood of spam? Not at all! With specialized spam-filtering solutions, including desktop and server software and hardware, you can stem the tide before it gets out...