Data Storage

Storage That Saves Your Business

Most small to midsize businesses are drowning in data. Staying on top of storage technology isn’t an option, but a requirement, to keep your business running efficiently and affordably. 

Two options in storage are storage area network (SAN) and network-attached storage (NAS) systems.

Storage Area Networks

By consolidating storage on a separate high-speed network, SANs free up LAN bandwidth to enhance performance, reduce points of management, and increase efficiency and flexibility. SANs add security to your storage system, increased availability, raise network and database performance, and provide enhanced disaster-recovery capabilities. SANs also support flexible provisioning of data stores, as well as decreased management and reduced maintenance costs.

Network-Attached Storage

If you’re looking for efficient, low-cost data storage and file sharing, a NAS subsystem could be the perfect choice. NAS adds increased productivity, lower cost of ownership, and a reduced need for server upgrades. NAS also allows for savings in server storage capacity for applications while retaining system fault tolerance.

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