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Virus and Spyware

virus is a file written with the sole intention of doing harm, or for criminal activity. There are many types of virus.

worm, for example, can exploit security vulnerabilities to spread itself automatically to other computers through networks. A Trojan horse (or simply ‘Trojan’) is a program that appears harmless but hides malicious functions. Zeus (and its derivatives such as Gameover Zeus) is an example of a  Read more Comments are closed

Data Backup

I'm ALWAYS pounding people to backup. I will continue. BACKUP YOUR STUFF. If you care about it, back it up. Let's talk. Yes, I'm talking to you, non-technical friend. You're a writer, a blogger, not a techie. I get that. Can't be bothered, I get that. Very busy. You will be even busier when you lose access to your dropbox, or leave your laptop on a train. Please. Read. Tell your friends.


Here are some things that are NOT backups. Feel free to tweet or Facebook them to shame educate your family.
  • Backing up your laptop to an SD Card in the same laptop is #notabackup
  • Backing up to a hard drive that is 6 inches away from your computer is #notabackup
  • Backing up your Gmail to another Gmail account is #notabackup
  • Backing up your book by copying it to another folder is #notabackup
  • The photos...